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How to choose an affordable web hosting solution for your site is the question that this article will answer. I must admit that I... Affordable web hosting solution with IPage


How to choose an affordable web hosting solution for your site is the question that this article will answer.

I must admit that I made a thorough analyze of the market when I bought my first hosting plan and at that time, Bluehost was an affordable web hosting solution for my blog. They provided the perfect combination for me. A very good customer service department, great up-time statistics and the most important of all things good prices. Now, after more than a year of using their services, I can say that they delivered everything they promised.

So why change?

Although I was OK with their services and prices, something has changed. THE PRICE. Price has started to rise and not by little. When I first signed up for an account with them I had to pay something like $8.5/month (including taxes), which was OK in my opinion. As the initial year has passed I had to renew my hosting service with them, but to my surprise the prices were totally different this time. For a year subscription, right now I have to pay $11.99/month without taxes, with taxes that adds up to $174/year which means a whopping $14.5/month. Quite a big difference compared with the initial offer. I am doing this blogging thing more like a hobby so $14.5/month seemed too much for me so I needed a solution. I found it in IPage. They are not as big as Bluehost, but they’re not that small either, so I decided to give them a chance and analyze their offer and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised.
I will share with you my findings here, so you can take an informed decision in case you are in search of a web hosting provider. The comparison will be done with Bluehost as they are my current web hosting provider (but not for long:-)).

24/7 customer service support24/7 customer service support
Unlimited domain hostingUnlimited domain hosting
Unlimited hosting space Unlimited hosting space
Unlimited file transfers Unlimited file transfers
Unlimited email accountsUnlimited email accounts
FREE domain nameFREE domain name
FREE site builder with templatesFREE site builder with templates
Money back guarantee Money back guarantee
Over $200 in offersOver $300 in offers
Free SiteLock Security

So at the first view, both web hosting suppliers provide more or less the same products with some small advantages for IPage (1GB of free cloud storage is not much, but it’s still something and you should take into account that SiteLock Security starts on Bluehost from $29.99/year).

These features were presented here only to make in idea of what IPage has to offer. The best part comes now. THE PRICE. The price for 1 year of contract is $2.50/month, that means they’ll bill you $30 for one year comparing with $174/year. There’s more. If you want to make a 2 years contract the price drops a little more, to $2.25/month – $54/2 years. Now that is a difference.

When you are searching for offers you have to read between the lines as the offers can be sometimes misleading. For example Bluehost advertises that their prices start at $3.95/month. What they omitted to say is that this price is a onetime offer and you can have this price only if you subscribe for 3 years. Also the price is not for the above offer, but for only one website, with only 100GB of storage, with only 500MB of storage for each mail account and other limitations like that.

I have checked a lot of reviews about IPage and I must say that they come out pretty good. So my decision in this case is a no-brainer.

As a conclusion to this article. IPage will be my provider for the next 2 years, but that doesn’t mean that after this 2 years I have to continue with them. The beautiful thing in this sector is that changing from one provider to another is really easy and sometimes very profitable.

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