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Best smartwatch 2015
Best Smartwatch 2015 title cannot be given to a specific model, but with the information we have, the following gadgets will be among the finalists It is difficult to say which one will get “The best smartwatch 2015” title especially for 2 main reasons: one is the fact that even though we... Read more
The new MacBook and the Apple Watch
Image by  Martin Hajek The new MacBook and the Apple Watch are finally here So, tree days ago something magical happened in San Francisco, as the giant Apple launched his new  additions to the Apple family the new MacBook and the Apple Watch. I don’t really give a f… about... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S6 – The final countdown
  Samsung Galaxy S6 is by far the most expected gadget to be launched at the beginning of this new year. Our wait is almost over now, as official sources confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched tomorrow, before the Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC). It is expected... Read more
Building our future with 3D printing technology
  3D printing technology and its impact on our civilization 3D printing technology is not something new for any of us. In fact they started to develop the 3D printing technology somewhere at the beginnings of the ’80. The initial process was called stereo  lithography, where different polymers were... Read more