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The Chinese Smartphone is coming
  The rise of the Chinese Smartphone industry is not to be taken lightly. We all know something about the Chinese Smartphone industry. We know that the biggest Smartphone brads builds most of their products partially, if not entirely in China. It seems logical as the workforce is cheap... Read more
How to clone a hard drive in 3 easy steps
Clone a hard drive so it can boot on first install I created this post only to complete one of my previous posts, Lenovo Z500 SSD upgrade, as I realized that maybe not everybody knows how to clone a hard drive. I have made it as easy as possible,... Read more
Lenovo Z500 SSD upgrade
Does a SSD really counts that much? I have promised you all in one of my first posts on this blog (Lenovo Z500) that I will come back with the feedback after upgrading my stock HDD with a new SSD. I will describe to you below the process so that... Read more
Where has all my hard drive space gone?
Hard drive space missing? The hard drive space on my Lenovo Z500  laptop is 1TB. It has enough space for games, movies, large applications and everything else that you might need. I have divided it into two partitions – one of 100 GB and the other one with the... Read more