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Nice cheap gadget gifts
  Nice cheap gadget gifts that will make your friends smile and your pocket thrive:-) As all of us need help sometimes to find a nice present for our friends or family here are some nice cheap gadget gifts that could save you when you’re out of ideas. Read more
The Pirate Bay reopening
The Pirate Bay reopening is closer than you might think I guess many of you know that The Pirate Bay, the world’s most popular torrents site, stopped working on the 10th of December last year. On 9th of December, The Pirate Bay was raided at their Naka station in... Read more
Oculus Rift cardboard alternative
Step by step guide to build your own virtual reality cardboard glasses Do you know what Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, recently bought for 2bn$? He bought a company that produces at the moment one of the most advanced virtual reality glasses on the market. Until now we... Read more
How to choose the best web hosting
Web Hosting explained for beginners As I recently started this website I had to ask myself (as probably many of you will if you think on starting your own website) a very important question: what Web hosting provider to choose? The decision is not easy as you can find... Read more