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  The rise of the Chinese Smartphone industry is not to be taken lightly. We all know something about the Chinese Smartphone industry. We... The Chinese Smartphone is coming


The chinese smartphone

The rise of the Chinese Smartphone industry is not to be taken lightly.

We all know something about the Chinese Smartphone industry. We know that the biggest Smartphone brads builds most of their products partially, if not entirely in China. It seems logical as the workforce is cheap and it allows the producers to have bigger margins. It’s not easy to manufacture in China and still have a high quality product to sell. Apple from this point of view is doing an amazing job.

Most of us had “nice” experiences buying Chinese products that broke after the first or second use. (I had some broken even before using them:-)). Things are starting to change. Don’t get me wrong, you can still buy a lot of crap on the internet from Chinese manufacturers like, but there are some of them that managed to rise to the westerns world expectations and even surpass them.  It is logical if you think about it. Apple and other notorious brands showed them how, now all they have to do is to improve what they learned and sell it to a way more competitive price. They will probably need more time in order to be able to fight with market giants like Samsung or Apple, but that time will come as the Chinese Smartphone industry it’s really at the beginning and they really want a piece of the cake.

According to after Samsung and Apple the next 3 main producers are Chinese (Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo).

The chinese smartphone - AntutuYou might think that they are building cheaper, low quality Smartphone for the masses, which they are selling to their compatriots and to the rest of Asia which indeed accounts for 60% of the World population. You would be right, but only for part of the affirmation, as product quality is rising and is rising fast. Some of the best Android phones on the market are now Chinese and due to their low price and high hardware specifications they are starting to become all over the world the alternative for their highly overrated counterparts. When you buy a n Apple over a Samsung or a Samsung over a LG is simply because of marketing. That’s one of the reasons that you are willing to pay good bucks, in order to be associated with the image that the company promotes for their Smartphones. Of course that there are some differences in technical specifications or in some of the functions that they perform, but that does not justify the sometimes exorbitant prices that we have to pay for them.

 If you take a look on one of the most known Android benchmark tests (AnTuTu Benchmark v5.5) you will see that ONLY Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is able to resist the attack. The Meizu MX4, the One+one, the Xiaomi MI4 and other Chinese brands were dominating from performance point of view at the end of last year. The prices of these Smartphones is in my opinion the real price that this sort of technology should cost. The main disadvantage until now is that they do not retail that well oversees and that they do not have yet a well organized service network. Bellow I will attach some videos of this latest Chinese brands so you will see that they do not look as bad as you might think. I will give it a try soon with the Meizu MX4 and I will tell  you all about it. You can find all of them with free delivery almost everywhere in the world at

  • Gaguer

    February 5, 2015 #1 Author

    Where is the IPhone 6 in the benchmark?


    • Alex

      February 5, 2015 #2 Author

      The IPhone does not appear here as the Antutu benchmark is a test only for Androids. This test was done in order to see how the Chinese smartphone performs against Samsung, HTC and Nexus, the Android smartphones that dominate the market. If you are interested in how the IPhone performs in different benchmarks against the Android you can take a look at this review from


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