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Web Hosting explained for beginners As I recently started this website I had to ask myself (as probably many of you will if you... How to choose the best web hosting

Best Web Hosting

Web Hosting explained for beginners

As I recently started this website I had to ask myself (as probably many of you will if you think on starting your own website) a very important question: what Web hosting provider to choose?

The decision is not easy as you can find out there tens of good Web hosting providers.
I will try in this article to only give you some advices that could really be helpful before choosing  the best web hosting for you.

If you start with a  small search online you will soon realize that there are two main solutions out there, free web hosting and paid web hosting. We will take a look to both options so that you’ll be able to take the best decision for your site.

The free web hosting
– The free web hosting comes out with a main issue: advertising that cannot be controlled and that does not bring you any profit. This form of advertising is used by the providers in order to cover the costs of the free web hosting provided to you in the first place.
– Another issue that can appear is the amount of storage space that you are able to use. If you are going to have a site with mostly text information than a free web hosting solution could be able to provide what you need, but if you’re planning on uploading pictures, videos or audio files then the storage space provided can easily become insufficient. Also free web hosting tends to limit the files size that you can upload.
– FTP access is one feature that most of the free web hosts providers does not offer. As this could be OK for beginners, once the volume of information necessary to be transferred increases, this can become a real pain in the a.. if you pardon my French :-).
– Another problem with the free web hosting providers can be the bandwidth allocation. This means that if you have a website with a lot of pictures and videos, the provider can block the access to your website once the daily allocated storage is used.
– On a free hosting account another problem can be the downtime and the speed with which the pages are loading. This can cause a lot of lost visitors which, depending on the type of business you run, can also mean a lot of money.
– The lack of support when you need it is another reason not to get a free web hosting solution.

The paid web hosting services

The reasons to get a paid  hosting service are exactly the opposites of the ones enumerated above. I will give some of the advantages that I have from my current hosting provider: Bluehost.

– They are providing service and support 24/7 which is a very important thing especially when you are new with this kind of things. Each time that I contacted them they were very professional providing me with the needed answers.
– If you want to have advertising on your site you can choose exactly what you will promote.
– The uptime is clearly superior to the free web hosting solution. In fact it is not recommendable to choose a web host that cannot provide at least 99% of uptime. Verify this online. For example my provider has an uptime between 99,5 and 99,9 in the last years. Also it could be interesting to have also material compensations in case of downtime.
– If you are at the point where you create your own website, than for sure you’ll want to have an email address with your domain. Most of the paid hosting providers offers that for free.
– A very important thing in my opinion is to have a Cpanel (control panel). The control panel can be of great assistance in your work and it can provide a lot of important statistics. Whith just some clicks of a mouse you can set up your blog, install applications and literally do tens of other things.
For a better understanding of what I explained above I’ll give you an example of what my current hosting provider is offering right now: unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited email accounts, 200 $ worth of advertising for your website. They also offer automated backup for your data and a full money refund if in 30 days you are not satisfied with their services.
All this comes at a current price of 4,95$/month. Another important feature is the fact that if you buy the hosting plan from them, they are offering you a free domain name. For the ones of us that are at the beginning of this journey this is more than enough.

You have to take into account that there is no such thing as the best web hosting provider but for sure we can state that there are a lot of very good options on the market and at really reasonable prices.

I’m sure that I forgot to mention a lot of things, but for sure I mentioned the main things that you have to take into account when you are trying to choose a hosting provider. I hope that by writing this article I managed to help some of you in taking a more informed decision regarding your future host provider.


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