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   A Lego car that you have never seen before Building a Lego car it’s not that difficult, what it is difficult is to... Lego car – compressed air powered vehicle


Lego car

 A Lego car that you have never seen before

Building a Lego car it’s not that difficult, what it is difficult is to be called a phenomenon by the people from Intel after you do it.

It’s not every day that Mashable describes you as “a 20-year-old genius builder, rocket scientist, and aspiring astronaut from Transylvania, gifted with an uncanny ability to fabricate complex contraptions from the most humble of resources”.

This happened to the Romanian boy genius, Raul Oaida after his last success: a hot rod made entirely from Lego parts that can reach almost 30 Km/h. Everything is build from Lego parts excepting the wheels, tires, and gauges. The engine of the car works on compressed air and has 256 pistons made from Lego bricks. For the construction of the car, more than 500,000 Lego bricks were used and the estimated costs only for the bricks is a whopping 60,000$. The Lego architecture was designed by Raul and the entire car was build in Romania and transported afterwards to an unknown location in Melbourne, Australia.

How did this happened?

The Romanian 20-year-old genius that lives in a city in Transylvania became famous for another of his projects – The Lego space shuttle. The boy made this project as “a tribute to the end of the space shuttle era”. He wanted to launch a shuttle made from Lego bricks into the upper atmosphere. As he is the son of a carpenter and a maid from Romania, you realize that he was kind of short when it came down to founding the project, so he asked for help online. He found this help in the person of Steve Sammartino a micro-startup expert and venture capitalist from Australia. He founded and supported  his project, and that’s how on the 31st of December 2011 a  Lego Space Shuttle model 3367, launched from somewhere in Germany, reached 35,000m.

Also with the help of Steve and other 40 Australian investors the Lego car project was possible. In an interview with ABC News 24, Mr. Sammartino said Mr. Oaida was a technical genius.

“He did all of the design work, built the engine, built the car… he is the technical mind behind it. He really is capable of anything,” he said.

More details on this you can find on their page

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