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Lenovo Z500 – a real game station at a reasonable price Running after the best relation price quality I bought myself a Lenovo Z500... Lenovo Z500


Lenovo Z500 – a real game station at a reasonable price

Running after the best relation price quality I bought myself a Lenovo Z500 laptop.
The gizmo is exactly what you expect when you read the technical specifications. For this price and this specifications this machine is a bargain for people who needs a powerful tool at their disposal. It’s not the perfect anything, but it certainly complies with all the applications that you throw at it.
The processor is good (I7-3632QM), the Ram is more than enough (8GB), the graphic card is a high end graphic card, so you can play everything that exist in this moment on the market (NVIDIA GT 740M). Not all games can be played in full details, but it can certainly perform in a reasonable resolution and  with reasonable fps.

The finishings on this machinery are really good if you think at the price that you payed for it.

The sound is really strong and crispy, nicer than in any laptop that I’ve seen and owned until now.

The video camera is good 720p HD. There is no reason to insist on this as there  is nothing special about it.

The system comes preinstalled with Windows 8.
As you might imagine, for this reasonable price you also buy some disadvantages that can be easily be converted in advantages  . The screen is not state of the art (15.6″ backlit LED HD display ). The resolution is only (1366×768) and when the sunlight  hits the surface of the screen you will find it very difficult to see something even if you are in full brightness and contrast. As a solution for this, I have connected it to my 23 inches full hd screen and it looks simply amazing thanks to the powerful technical specifications.
The battery is not as described in the technical specification sheet. The usable time is way lower than suggested. I do not think that i have reached an autonomy bigger than 2 hours. This is one of the weakest points for this laptop summed with the fact that the battery cannot be removed.
Another disadvantage is that the HDD is slow. In fact is the only thing that slows this machine down (it only haves 5400rpm). If this is changed with a SDD disk, this laptop will change in an amazing gaming machinery. I intend to do it asap and I will comment the improvement obtained.
The next thing that proved to be annoying as hell for me, a thing that I fought with for approximately 3 months until I decided to change it.
This system comes with windows 8 pre installed.
As much as I tried  to like it, each day it was becoming more annoying and the system was slower and with more and more errors.
I do not know what the engineers from Microsoft were thinking. When you are trying to integrate 2 different things in a operating system, there is a big possibility that you’ll fail. And in my opinion they certainly did it.
An operating system for tablets combined with one for desktops would be a great idea, but in my opinion this is only at the beginning so it needs a lot of improvement.
In my opinion the windows experience could be resumed like this:
  • winxp was a   great experience,
  • windows vista bad, bad, bad,
  • win 7 the best os that exists on the market even vs MAC,
  • windows 8 – what were they thinking or better said, what was I thinking . According to this algorithm windows 9 is something that we should all be looking forward to.
So as a conclusion, this is a good value for the buck.  With some adjustments it becomes a really powerful tool, good for anything that you could think of.
Hope it helped!

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