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Should you buy or not The Order 1886 might be one of the questions that some PS4 owners out there have. I will try... Should you buy or not The Order 1886

Should you buy or not The Order 1886

Should you buy or not The Order 1886 might be one of the questions that some PS4 owners out there have.

I will try to answer this question as I am one of those that bought it. I bought it in spite of what all the major game reviews sites were telling. I bought the game as I consider the reviewers of Gamespot or IGN or any other big names out there to be normal guys, that just give us an opinion not the opinion that we need to have. Their opinion is not always my opinion so I decided to give it a try. I was not sorry and I will explain you why. Even thought the game is short (I finished it like in 6 or 7 hours), it manages to give us a preview of how the games on the PS4 could look like from now on. Let me tell you one thing, the atmosphere that the game depicts and the graphics are really outstanding. I did not mind the fact that the game had a lot of cut scenes, this is really one of the facts that I love video games for, as you really have the opportunity to better see the level of detail that they couldn’t squeeze into the actual game play. The Order 1886 is revolutionary from this point of view as the cut scenes and the actual game play is more or less the same, that’s how good and well detailed is everything. The weapons are great, they really make sense for the futuristic Sci-Fi 19th century atmosphere that they are trying to describe. The fact that Nikola Tesla is the genius behind the weapons that you use throughout the game adds more to the story line, being similar in some way with meeting Leonardo in Assassins Creed. Until now everything OK, but wait, I’m not done yet, the game has a lot of good things but it has also a lot of shortcomings like: the fucking black bars that are trying to create a cinematic look are really annoying as sometimes you really want to see what you are shooting, the fact that they allow you to run in game only when they want it’s also really annoying, but the most frustrating thing is the fact that after they put so much effort in creating a fantastic 19th century world infested with werewolves, they let you fight them only 3 or 4 times during the entire game. The biggest part of the game you shoot human boring opponents. That does not make the game itself boring, but for sure it does not raise to the expectations you have after playing  the first chapter.

The Order 1886

The game deserves to be played, but it is not a keeper. Now, as a conclusion to all this, the answer to the initial question: Should you buy or not The Order 1886 is YES. I will give you the main reason why you should buy it now and not wait until its price will drop. As the game is new it still has a lot of value on the second hand market. So you buy it, you play it, you sell it. This is what I did, and with the money that I received as store credit, I bought The Evil Within and still remained with some bucks for a future acquisition.

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