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Affordable web hosting solution with IPage
How to choose an affordable web hosting solution for your site is the question that this article will answer. I must admit that I made a thorough analyze of the market when I bought my first hosting plan and at that time, Bluehost was an affordable web hosting solution... Read more
IM Creator, an amazing website builder without any HTML knowledge
  Designing your own website using a website builder without any HTML knowledge seems impossible? Well, it’s not.   If you are the proud owner of a small business, if you want to blog about something, you just want to show the world your photos or you just want to... Read more
How to choose the best web hosting
Web Hosting explained for beginners As I recently started this website I had to ask myself (as probably many of you will if you think on starting your own website) a very important question: what Web hosting provider to choose? The decision is not easy as you can find... Read more