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The new MacBook and the Apple Watch
Image by  Martin Hajek The new MacBook and the Apple Watch are finally here So, tree days ago something magical happened in San Francisco, as the giant Apple launched his new  additions to the Apple family the new MacBook and the Apple Watch. I don’t really give a f… about... Read more
Lenovo Z500 SSD upgrade
Does a SSD really counts that much? I have promised you all in one of my first posts on this blog (Lenovo Z500) that I will come back with the feedback after upgrading my stock HDD with a new SSD. I will describe to you below the process so that... Read more
Installing Windows 7 on a GPT HDD – Lenovo Z500
A way to format your GPT drive to MBR If you buy a new computer right now there is a big possibility that it will have pre installed the newest version of Windows 8. Although many of you could be mesmerized by the new features and the implementation of the... Read more
Lenovo Z500
Lenovo Z500 – a real game station at a reasonable price Running after the best relation price quality I bought myself a Lenovo Z500 laptop. The gizmo is exactly what you expect when you read the technical specifications. For this price and this specifications this machine is a bargain... Read more