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Future by design is fucking awesome
Future by Design is fucking awesome, as it presents Jacque Fresno’s idea about our possible future What Jacque does in Future by Design is fucking awesome, as he tries to open our eyes on what future might be. I forgot about this documentary as I have seen it a long time... Read more
Think twice before reserving a tour at the McKamey Manor THE MCKAMEY MANOR is one of the most extreme haunted houses there is. NOBODY until now finished the whole tour of the house.  For this reasons the owner is thinking to tone things down for 2014. I guess that he wants... Read more
Who is Sixto Rodriguez ?
Who is Rodriguez, who is Sugar Man? I’m going to recommend everybody that I know and also to all the persons who reads this article to see the acclaimed documentary  Searching for Sugar Man. The history of Sixto Diaz Rodriguez is simply incredible, proving one more time that life can... Read more