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Image by  Martin Hajek The new MacBook and the Apple Watch are finally here So, tree days ago something magical happened in San Francisco, as... The new MacBook and the Apple Watch


Image by  Martin Hajek

The new MacBook and the Apple Watch are finally here

So, tree days ago something magical happened in San Francisco, as the giant Apple launched his new  additions to the Apple family the new MacBook and the Apple Watch. I don’t really give a f… about this great unveiling, but I do feel that as a technology enthusiast I have to say a few words. The event was lame in my opinion as the most exciting thing that they unveiled was the new HBO Now service.

They presented the new MacBook  (bear in mind that it is supposed to be the cheapest MacBook available, starting from 1299$) which looks really good, no comments about that. That’s all that you can say. It looks good. Why the fuck should you pay 1299$ for something that just looks good? I don’t know, I don’t have the answer to that, all I know is that I would never buy that except if I wanted to throw money out the window. Once more Apple proves that they do not care about, specs and they do not care about performance, all they care is sell their beautiful overpriced products.  Before talking about the MacBook we should not forget that they were the ones that totally destroyed the laptop and notebook market with the introduction of the IPad. That was a good thing. The IPad managed to solve a problem for a lot of people out there, people that needed some sort of light device, with an acceptable screen size that answers their basic computing needs (web browsing, video calls, Facebook and all this kind of services). Now the page turns, they changed their mind, they launch the MacBook, that beside its looks has nothing. You can do the same things that you can do on an IPad. They indeed added the retina display that was a really expected feature by the Apple fans, but they cutted everything else that could be considered important. Anyone who dares thinking on using their MacBook for something else than writing an email, watching a movie or checking their Facebook notifications is in for a big surprise. I can’t say it enough, Retina display is an improvement only for what concerns Apple products, as you have to take into account that there are a lot of laptops and notebooks  out there that are already supplied with 4K screens (Retina 2304 x 1440; 4K 3840 x 2160). Although it looks nice, it’s not the thinnest nor the lightest notebook on the market. You have to take into account that the MacBook is as light as it is because it has nothing on it: it has only one USB C port (the design that Apple wants to conquer the world with – one port for video, charging and data transfers and any other use you might think for an USB port). Apple once again teaches their fans the right way of doing things. They make you realize that you would never want to use a memory stick, connect you Kindle, charge your notebook, connect an external screen and charge your phone in the same time as of course the Universe will implode. Of course nothing will happen if you will later on buy some accessories that could help you with that.

What Apple does right now is launch a new laptop with lame specifications, when the era of the laptops is almost over. (Take a look at all the awesome hybrid notebook- tablets that are coming out with some amazing specifications Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro or the Surface Pro 3).



Another expected gadget was the Apple Watch. It finally came out. I don’t know, I haven’t tested it, so I cannot give any opinion on his functionality, but I can say a few things about it. It’s $349 for the cheapest version. The sport version that is. When you make 3 versions (Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition) and you call one of them Sport you would imagine that it would be the toughest one, as it is built for active people, the kind of people that are doing more than just jogging. But no, this model is the weakest model that they made. It is build from aluminum and it doesn’t have the scratch proof Sapphire crystal screen. In order to have this 2 extra features in your new watch, you need to pay at least $549.


Image by Manik Rathee

This is only the beginning, as the most expensive Apple Watch will be made from 18 karat gold and can reach a whopping $17,000. I won’t get into that discussion as for sure there will be a lot of people that can afford it and really buy that overpriced model. What I will talk about here is again simple math, that the majority of Apple fan seem to forget each time a new Apple product comes out (see my related article with “Top reasons not to buy the new IPhone 6“).

On one side you have the Apple Watch Sport that is $349 and with its 38mm screen it’s the cheapest version available, on the other side you have the 38mm Apple Watch Space black case with space black stainless steel bracelet that is priced 1,049$. I KNOW:-) So for exactly the same watch that has the extra stainless steel cover and the sapphire screen you pay $700 more. You can go even further using the magic that is math and see that the Apple Watch Sport is $349 and that the Apple Watch, the entry level version is $549 (the first version that has the Sapphire screen and the Stainless Steel Case), so you can logically see that the Sapphire screen and the Stainless Steel Case costs only $200.

Who can possible say that Apple is not the GOD of Advertising if they can actually make you pay $500 more for a fucking bracelet (for the Apple fans that read this article, don’t be scared, I know the true about the bracelet, it is in fact infused with magical powers, so don’t you worry).

I repeat I haven’t had yet the chance to play with one, but I find it really difficult to think that it could be that good in order to justify the price tag. Another drawback would be the fact that in order to have an Apple Watch you first need an IPhone. The device cannot be used with any other phone on the market. The sensors that you have on the watch are able to track your movements when you are exercising, but not the distance if you don’t have your IPhone with you, as the watch does not have a GPS integrated. Another drawback could be the fact that although the watch is quite expensive it does not come with a built in camera.

This are some of my opinions related to the newest additions to the Apple family and although they do not bring anything revolutionary on the market I am sure that they will sell like crazy. Usually when you buy an Apple product you are really not looking for technical specifications, you just close your eyes and buy it because is pretty and because everyone else has it.

The videos bellow express a little what I have to say :-)

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