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The new Iphone or a lot more This post was written after I followed the new Iphone 6 launching on the Apple TV with... Top reasons not to buy the new Iphone 6

Iphone 6

The new Iphone or a lot more

This post was written after I followed the new Iphone 6 launching on the Apple TV with a friend of mine. I will mention that this friend is a faithful fan of Apple products and as I was staying with him at that time I had the opportunity to see how he acts on this sort of events. I am a technology freak myself, but I do not remember to prepare with one day in advance for the launching of anything:-)

He was really eager to see what are the new things that the new Iphone 6 will bring and he managed to share with me that eagerness. I became more and more interested on what they could possibly bring new to a market that is already very competitive.

When the day came, we started with a big disappointment, as the online streaming event was a total fiasco, one that you wouldn’t expect from one of the best names on the market. I have watched it later on and the feeling of disappointment remained present.

I was really expecting that this year Apple would do a step forward and align themselves with what happens in 2014 in the smartphone industry.

Indeed, they have finally upgraded the screen size, thing that they should have done years ago, when they released the  Iphone 4. Instead of that, at that time they were trying to convince everybody that a screen bigger than 4″ is an abomination. It seems that they have changed their minds, or that the consumers opinions made them change their minds as they just came out with 2 new Iphone models one of 4.7″ and the other one of 5.5″.

As this post is entitled “Top reasons not to buy the new Iphone 6” I will give you the main reasons why I think it is not such a good idea buying one.

First reason should be clear to everybody: THE PRICE.

This is not valid only for these models, but for previous ones equally. I know that they are a big success and that they do not manage to produce them as fast as they sell them, but this is only because of very well targeted advertising campaigns. Iphone is associated in the eyes of their clients with a semi luxury product, the idea of owning an Iphone makes them fell special and that happens partly because of the price that they have to pay for the device and not for the features that their product has. Take for example the Vertu brand, that is nothing else than a luxury brand that sold Nokia phones and managed to sale phones as expensive as 350,000$ (the exactly same phones that were available to everybody, but dressed in gold, diamonds and titanium). There will always be persons with a lot of money willing to spend astronomical prices for gadgets in order to feel special, but unfortunately I and the majority of people living on this planet are not in that special place.

I will give a very concluding example regarding this:

The price of the new Iphone 6 for the cheapest version, at the moment of this article is 819$ on If you will search also on for this kind of money you will buy for 348$ a Nexus 5 , for around 200$ you can buy a Nexus 7 tablet and for less than 200$ you can buy a Samsung Gear 2 Smart watch. So for less than 800$ you can have everything and with better hardware than the Iphone has.

This is in fact the second reason why you shouldn’t buy it, as it is clearly that you can get a lot more for your buck if you follow the other direction.

It is really incredible as they introduce right now, in 2014, a technology that is available in the mobile industry since the beginning of 2011 – NFC (Near Field Communication). This is not acceptable for a Smartphone that supposedly is the most innovative Smartphone ever.

Nexus 5 - Iphone 6


Another important reason in my opinion is the Retina display. This is for some people the reason to buy the Iphone: WHY??? when the Nexus 5, that is a relatively old model, launched more than a year ago has better display than the new Iphone and in the same screen to body ratio, can pack a 5″ display instead of 4.7″. How can you insist on retina display when all the competitors have QHD displays (Quad High Definition),  that are by far superior, is beyond my comprehension.

How can you come out in 2014 with the same 8mp camera that the previous models had. Ok I understand that it is improved, but 8MP, really???

Another reason is the fact that not even now, after all these years, they do not want to add a micro SD slot (they wouldn’t be able to sell the other versions of Iphones with bigger storage). The fact that all other flagships present on the market are able to provide 4K video and stereo sound is one among other reasons why you should not invest in this new Iphone.

All this comparisons I made with the Nexus 5 is only to prove that a relatively cheap Android phone can easily surpass what is supposed to be the greatest phone ever.

I do not want you to get me wrong, Iphone 6 is a great phone and what the engineers at Apple managed to do with less hardware power than its competitors is amazing, as the iOS 8 is until now the most stable operating system on the market , but to pay this price only for that is irrelevant and a waste of money in my humble opinion. All the reasons enumerated above will become in a near future new and “incredible” upgrades that Apple fans will have to pay, and pay they will , in order to be able to enjoy some features that others had available a year or more earlier and for less money. So the new Iphone is a no go, as it always was for the informed user.

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