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Who is Rodriguez, who is Sugar Man? I’m going to recommend everybody that I know and also to all the persons who reads this... Who is Sixto Rodriguez ?

Who is Rodriguez, who is Sugar Man?

Searching for Sugar Man

I’m going to recommend everybody that I know and also to all the persons who reads this article to see the acclaimed documentary  Searching for Sugar Man. The history of Sixto Diaz Rodriguez is simply incredible, proving one more time that life can beat the imagination of any screenwriter out there.

Born on July 10th, 1942 in Detroit, Michigan he was also known as Jesus Rodriguez or simply Rodriguez.

The beginning of his music career started in the late 60’s, but his first album, Cold Fact, was recorded in 1970 and was followed by a second one, Coming from Reality, in 1971.

His career was short and very little known in the US, but it managed to have a huge success over the Atlantic, all the way in South Africa. There, he was bigger than Elvis, bigger than the Rolling Stones and was considered by really important managers in the music industry as a second Bob Dylan for his incredible lyrics.

As after this two albums he didn’t recorded anything new, rumours started to emerge, saying that the artist committed suicide on stage. Some were saying that he shot himself and others that he set himself on fire. Nobody knew in reality what really happened with the young artist.

The documentary presents the attempt of two of his fans, Stephen ‘Sugar’ Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom, to find out what has really happened with their idol. The findings are really exceptional and therefore the Oscar that the movie gets in 2013  for “Best Documentary”.

The incredible part of his story is that he didn’t knew the fact that he became such a success in South Africa. In order not to spoil to much from the plot of the documentary please follow Searching for Sugar Man as it will be the best two hours ever spent in order to see a true and incredible story.

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